Snapchat’s new Mental Health Feature and Smartglass series

So in this particular article you will get to know about the new mental health feature launched by Snapchat in India, so the first news is on the serious side then comes the next one which is the amazing piece of technology the snapchat smartglasses so make sure you stay tuned till the end.

The new Mental Health Feature of Snapchat

Snapchat is turning out updates on emotional wellness wellbeing and backing in India through its “Here For You” area that covers a scope of subjects, for example, dietary problems, nervousness, despondency, etc. The “Here for You” include is accessible for Android and iOS clients in India, and it contains psychological well-being assets given by Mariwala Health Initiative and the Manas Foundation. The organization said that the component is essential for a “deliberate exertion” intended to instruct and engage GB Snapchat people group “to care for themselves.”

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Ofcourse like any other decisions in the company this decision of coming up with this mental health feature was also made after tracking the data of virtual mental issues the users had.

“Snapchat found a mind lion’s share of Snapchatters experience sentiments of stress and nervousness and that their companions are the primary individuals they go to when they need assistance, more than experts… The examination additionally uncovered that numerous youngsters are profoundly keen on understanding these issues, and how they can uphold companions who are battling with them,” Snapchat’s parent organization, Snap, said in the note.

How to access the new feature?

Users can get to the “Here For You” area via looking with catchphrases, for example, tension, gloom, forlornness, self destruction, emotional well-being and prosperity. Both Android and iOS Snapchat clients in India can get to this component.

Now lets come to the new Smartglasses launched in India by Sapchat.

Snapchat smartglasses | Spectacles 2 & 3

Spectacles 2.0: Snapchat may launch two new versions of its smart glasses |  Technology News,The Indian Express

So let’s talk about the price first the The Spectacles 2 will be sold at Rs. 14,999 in India . Exhibitions 2 and Spectacles 3, both are likewise recorded on a committed India microsite. Snapchat Upgrades ‘Exhibitions’ After First-Generation Flop Exhibitions 2 details, highlights The Spectacles 2 can catch HD photographs and recordings and is viable with Android 4.4 or more and iOS 10 or more. The smartglasses remotely sync with Snapchat, permitting clients to tweak photographs with channels, activitys, and more before distributing

The glasses include two camera focal points on each side of the edge which offer 105-degree field-of-see. The smartglasses are likewise water-safe. The Spectacles 2 can catch up to 70 recordings on a solitary charge. They likewise accompany 4GB of inner stockpiling that can accumulate to 150 recordings or 3,000 photographs. The charging case can charge the glasses multiple times, the organization claims.

The rectangular case further conveys a USB port for charging. Availability alternatives on the Spectacles 2 incorporate Bluetooth v.4.0 and double band Wi-Fi. There are double mouthpiece exhibits remembered for the glasses too. The Spectacles 2 weighs 45.4 grams. Snapchat ‘Displays’ Now Available for Online Ordering Displays 3 determinations, highlights The Spectacles 3 accompany HD cameras that can even catch 3D photographs and recordings at 60fps. They pack four underlying mouthpieces for preferable sound quality over its forerunner. The glasses are viable with Android 6 or more or iOS 11 or later. The focal points on the smartglasses are colored to give 100% assurance from UVA and UVB beams. They further element customizable tips. Like the Spectacles 2, the most recent Snap smartglasses can catch and sync up to 70 recordings on a solitary charge. The organization says that the glasses can put away to 100 3D recordings or 1,200 3D photographs with its 4GB inner stockpiling.

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